Roses & Thorns


to the Mecosta COA SOARS group organizers, planners, and participants who set up a day at the Mecosta County Fair for a large group of seniors who might otherwise not have been able to spend this day of fun out on the town in along the midway. You are great folks and deserve a VERY BIG bouquet.

to the Ferris Community Summer Band for another wonderful season of outdoor musical offerings. Live music under spreading and shady trees. Can a summer evening get much better than that? Thanks so much to Maestro Cohen and his team.

to the good folks volunteering with the Canadian Lakes Pet Food Drive Club who have collected hundreds and hundreds of pounds of pet food over the years for distribution to families going through tough times and animal shelters in support of the pets of this community. What a special outreach, and what a special group of people.

to MDOT for using a bit of common sense and deciding not to force the cutting down of every tree they had originally decided necessary in order to accommodate the Big Rapids hospital helipad.

to each and every 4-H’er who participated in this year’s fair, and to all the many club leaders and volunteers who worked together to make this a great and memorable experience for the young people. Thanks. And to many of you — we’ll see you next year!


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