DOUG MILLER: Proposal 1 intentionally vague on political goals

To the editor:

It’s comforting to see that Lonnie Allen is as much in the dark about Proposal 1 (to eliminate the Personal Property Tax) as I am, and I doubt that he enjoyed having to write an article about it. He did, however, cause me to give the issue some thought. He made me wonder whether this proposal might be intentionally vague about how Lansing intends to make up for the lost tax revenues.

According to Lonnie, the Personal Property Tax (PPT) applies to businesses. I assume that means it applies to all businesses, not just small ones. Yet politicians like Sen. Booher talk solely about this tax hurting “small Mom-&-Pop businesses up and down Main Street” and should therefore it should be eliminated. No mention is made of Big Business. 

While I suspect that “Mom & Pop” are way too busy to spend time down in Lansing, buying love from politicians, I also suspect that getting rid of the Personal Property Tax is worth a whole lot more to Big Business than it is to Mom and Pop.

Could this be one more ploy to shift the tax burden from the top dogs to the rest of us? It seems like every time those guys in Lansing or Washington “cut taxes on business”, they raise some other tax, user fee, license fee, surcharge, (you name it) that we all pay. Either that, or they cut funding for our schools, cops, firemen, highways, etc. If they’re not clear about where the money is going to come from, you can bet it’s gonna come out of our pockets.

Lastly, I was impressed by Rep. Potvin’s ability to sum up his (and the legislature’s) disdain for Michigan voters. 

 He tells us that even though we can’t understand it, we merely “need to know to vote yes on this proposal.”

Doug Miller


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