Barryton Conservation Club recognizes youth hunt

BARRYTON — It sure is fun to get that first buck.

This was the obvious sentiment of successful hunters who brought their bucks to the pole Saturday and Sunday at the Barryton Conservation Club during the state’s Liberty Hunt.

One of the hunters who hung his buck on the pole on Saturday night, a five-pointer, was Taylor Stamper, 8, hunting with his dad, Brandon Stamper of Kentucky.

“I have kinfolk that live up here, my brother-in-law and sister,” Brandon said. “We saw a doe but couldn’t get it. We saw a 10-point and a 6-point but couldn’t get a shot at them. So we took the next one that came in.”

Taylor Stamper used a .223 to shoot his buck, about 40 yards away. He said he wasn’t nervous and double-lunged the buck.

“It went about 50 yards,” Brandon said. “We had to track it.”

Being able to successfully track the buck was critical since it was a warm day.

“It went into some pine trees and we followed the blood trail,” Brandon said, estimating they were out about 90 minutes.

Another successful Barryton area hunter was Easton Williams, 10, son of Jerry Williams, He shot it in Isabella County on private land around 8:30 a.m.

“It hadn’t warmed up too much yet,” Jerry Williams said.

Williams used a .223. It was an 8-point buck and was the third deer they saw with the first two being does. His shot hit the buck’s neck, and went down immediately. It was the younger Williams’ first buck.

“It was really fun,” he said.

“There quite a few deer on trail cameras,” Jerry Williams said.

Youngsters at the Barryton Conservation Club celebrate getting a buck.

Youngsters at the Barryton Conservation Club celebrate getting a buck.


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