Veterans lead Barryton Elementary ceremony

World War II veteran Bud Hanline presents the Missing Man table to Barryton Elementary students during their Veterans Day ceremony on Friday. (Pioneer photo/Meghan Gunther-Haas)

BARRYTON — Barryton Elementary students gathered in the school gymnasium on Friday to listen to and participate in a ceremony celebrating Veterans Day.

Local World War II veteran Bud Hanline presented the Missing Man table and gave the significance of each item, while students set the table.

The table is a place of honor to acknowledge those missing from Veterans Day celebrations and symbolizes the frailty and vulnerability of a lone prisoner of war. The table is round to represent the everlasting concern of the survivors for their missing loved ones, Hanline said. He told students that the chair set at the table is empty because the missing servicemen and women aren’t here with them.

A white tablecloth is placed on the table to symbolize the purity of the missing person’s intentions to respond to their country’s call to arms. An inverted glass on the table represents the missing person’s inability to toast with their loved ones. A single plate is placed on the table, with slices of lemon set on top, to represent the bitter fate of the missing. Salt is sprinkled over the plate to symbolize the fallen tears of the families as they wait, Hanline told students.

A single red rose in a vase adorned with a red ribbon is placed on the table to signify the blood shed to ensure freedom in the United States, and is a reminder of the families and friends of the missing servicemen and women. The ribbon represents the missing person’s love for their country, which inspired them to answer the call to arms. A candle, with a yellow ribbon, is lit and placed at the table to symbolize the everlasting hope of a reunion with the missing.

A Bible is placed on the table, representing the spiritual strength and faith to sustain those missing from their country.

“Until the day they return home, or find eternal peace, we will remember,” Hanline said.

Students then sang patriotic songs to close the ceremony.

Barryton Veterans and Women’s Auxiliary Post No. 2335 members in attendance for the ceremony included Paul MacKersie, Barbara Root, Rita Hyder, Mary Heyart, Sue Edwards, Rick Lloyd, David Earle, Don Hyderm Don Blough, Marsden Antcliff, Gale Bottomley and Hanline.


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