Ferris students take over Riverview classrooms

Ferris State University student Kristine Moulter (left) works with Riverview kindergartner Ethan Amyx on a worksheet as a portion of her final exam. (Pioneer photo/Meghan Gunther-Haas)

BIG RAPIDS — For many students, final exams are just around the corner. While many scholars are gearing up to sit for an hour or two, writing or typing feverishly to finish in the time limit, some students are taking a more hands-on approach to the end of the semester.

Ferris State University education professor Amy Kavanaugh has been partnering with Riverview Elementary teachers to connect FSU students with a classroom setting. On Tuesday, Ferris students worked in Riverview fourth-grade classes, as well as Terri Garner’s kindergarten class.

“I think this is a great experience for them,” Garner said. “They are working with the kids outside of a college setting.”

The FSU students worked with groups of Riverview pupils, using different activities to teach lessons in spelling, sequencing, word choice and more. At one station, youngsters differentiated between facts and opinions about animals.

After spending time in the classrooms, Kavanaugh said her students will determine what worked or didn’t in their lesson plans as part of their exam.


Posted by Meghan Gunther-Haas

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