Police, school officials investigate threat at Chippewa Hills

REMUS — Threats of bodily harm to students at Chippewa Hills High School led to an initial two-day investigation by district administrators and the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office, but no arrests have been made.

Wednesday, Superintendent Bob Grover issued a letter to parents which was posted on the district’s Facebook page regarding the threats. In the letter, Grover describes the investigation beginning Tuesday and continuing into Wednesday regarding “potential threats made against our school.”

“We wanted everyone to know we had removed the students to ensure the other students’ safety,” Grover said. “We wanted to let parents know their students are safe and we are handling this situation with local law officials. We don’t take this matter lightly.”

Grover said the threat involved “inflicting bodily harm to other students with weapons,” and in his letter notes three high school students were among the witnesses interviewed during the investigation.

According to Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office Detective Casey Nemeth, approximately a month ago school officials spoke to students who were joking about school shootings.

“The students have continued to joke about the school shooting plan,” Nemeth explained via text message.

On Tuesday, they were interviewed by police regarding the school shooting statements being made, Nemeth said.

“They all claim they were joking,” he said.

Results of the investigation have been shared with the Mecosta County Prosecutor’s Office for evaluation, Grover wrote in his letter.

“The students involved have been removed from the school setting pending this review as we will work with local law enforcement to address the situation,” he wrote. “Initial review of this situation, through the investigative process did not emanate an immediate threat as no arrest [sic] were made, as has been seen at other districts around the state.”

Grover goes on to explain the lack of arrests “does not reflect school consequences should they be imposed.”

In light of the threat, Grover reminds students to communicate with staff.

“If students have information they think would benefit the school from knowing — in any situation — let us know,” he said. “We can’t address what we don’t know.”

Associate Editor Candy Allan and Senior Staff Writer Emily Grove contributed to this story.


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