Reed City officials set public hearing for safe sidewalk routes

REED CITY — City council members in Reed City want residents’ input on sidewalk routes used by children to walk to school.

In efforts to set policy to designate safe walking routes for children for the winter 2018-19, the city council has set a public hearing to listen to comments from residents.

The hearing is set for 7 p.m. on Monday, March 19, at city hall.

Concern about sidewalk routes revolves around property owners shoveling sidewalks so children to do not have to walk in the street.

Currently, the city’s charter states: “Chapter 2, Section 2.2: (v) The compelling of owners of real property within the city to keep sidewalks abutting upon their property clear from snow, ice or other obstructions, and if the owner fails to comply with such requirements, to remove such snow, ice or other obstructions and assess the cost thereof against the abutting property in accordance with Section 11.9; …”

For more information about the public hearing, contact city offices at (231) 832-2245.


Posted by Brandon Fountain

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