Barryton Elementary receives health, nutrition grant

BARRYTON — Students at Barryton Elementary are learning about health and nutrition in a variety of ways through a grant the school recently received.

Principal Amanda Kimball highlighted some of the successes of the Building Healthy Communities Program grant during the Chippewa Hills School District Board of Education meeting on Monday.

“The focus of this program is to help lower childhood obesity,” Kimball said.

Building Healthy Communities, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network program, works to create supportive school environments through healthy eating and physical activity, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan website, The program educates students through classroom lessons, creates an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice, encourages students to practice lessons learned in the classroom, provides opportunities for physical activity and improves access to healthy food and beverages.

Barryton received four of the nine parts available in the program, Kimball said. The components include smarter lunchrooms, which involve learning about nutrition in the classroom, and classroom activity breaks, such as movement videos.

“These are fun opportunities for students to get out of their seats and get moving,” she said about the breaks.

Other components include active recesses, for which the school received a large cart to hold balls, cones, jump ropes and more; and a walk-n-run fund.


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