CHSD board discusses design for new elementary

During Monday’s meeting, Grover discussed a potential layout for the new Barryton Elementary building and a possible timeline for completion. (Pioneer file photo)

BARRYTON — Within the next two years, Barryton Elementary students may be starting their academic year in a new building. Chippewa Hills School District Superintendent Bob Grover discussed a potential layout for the school during the CHSD Board of Education meeting on Monday.

“Essentially, we are looking at a different design than what we previously looked at,” he said about the discussion. “The new design is a one-story building with the media center toward the middle of the building.”

Different wings branch out from the center for the upper and lower elementary grades, Grover said, and behind the main portion of the building would be a section with a taller roof to accommodate the gymnasium and cafeteria.

“It’s a little more aesthetic,” he said. “It’s not a final plan.”

Grover said the design work for the new building could be completed this year, construction finished in 2019 and the school open in 2020.

No action regarding the school was taken during the meeting.

In other business, board members approved the suspension of four students during the meeting following the students’ disciplinary hearings. Three students were suspended for the remainder of the school year. These students are not allowed on school grounds or at school events. They may contact the main office to discuss fulfilling their graduation requirements.

The fourth student was suspended through spring break.

The next CHSD board meeting will begin at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 9, at Mecosta Elementary, located at 555 W. Main St., Mecosta.


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