Hawkins native recalls sports memories in Reed City

Hawkins native Vern Schooley, now in California, recently attended a game with Long Beach State at Michigan State. (Courtesy photo)

REED CITY — Vern Schooley is a native of Hawkins who still has fond memories of his days at Reed City High School. He recently put together a summary of how his life has been going for the past several decades.

Schooley writes he is well and still living in Long Beach, Calif., and practicing patent law from his office in Los Angeles.

He said he is still practicing law, and trying patent and trademark cases to courts and juries around the country.

Schooley came from a small dairy farm in the Hawkins area, “receiving outstanding training from milking dairy cows 5 a.m. every morning and 6 p.m. every night seven days a week, first by hand and later with much appreciated Surge milking machines.

He attributes much of his success to “his early farm training, rising early for full days of chores in taking care of a herd of dairy cows and working the fields with tilling machines drawn by a team of work horses and then by a Farmall or Ford Tractor.”

During high school he played football and ran track.

He said he still stays in touch with his high school football and track coach, Irv Pallack, of Yuma, Ariz.

Schooley said he has many relatives in the Reed City, Big Rapids and Hawkins areas. His sister, Leona (Schooley) Prezioso, who lives in St. Petersburg, Fla., join him on his periodic visits to the RC area, typically finding lodging on the Pere Marquette River.

Schooley likes to refer to legendary Reed City coach Dale Clark and Coyote sports on how they got him ready for the legal profession.

“There is no training that can compare with a Class C RCHS football team going up against a top-ranked Class B team with the confidence to pull off a win,” he said, referring to a 1956 Reed City football win at Greenville and the satisfaction of that victory.

He said he plays tennis several times a week, does some golf and skies the Colorado Rockies a couple of times each winter.

He is active in the community, having served as president of several legal associations and works on various charities.

Schooley also follows sports and said he was invited on a recent road trip with the Long Beach State basketball team to play MSU.

“It has been a fun, exciting and rewarding trip from Hawkins,” he said.


Posted by John Raffel

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