BRMS students participate in annual race activities

Students lead their teammate through an obstacle course at one station, “Blind Leading the Blind.” During this challenge, if a student ran into any of the many objects littered across the floor, they would be sent back to the beginning.

(From left) Collin Fry, Christian Shoemaker and Mikeal Burhans work together in the “Find Some Balance” challenge during the annual Big Rapids Middle School Amazing Race event on Tuesday. For this challenge, students had to balance a ball on a board as they walked from one cone to another. If the ball fell, they would have to start over. (Pioneer photos/Meghan Gunther-Haas)

BIG RAPIDS — From a balloon toss to a spelling bee and dancing to reciting poetry, there was a little something for all students during the annual Big Rapids Middle School “Amazing Race.”

Students spent Tuesday afternoon racing between approximately 50 different locations on school grounds, either to take a selfie at one of the many Big Rapids Public Schools cardinal logos placed around the building or to participate in an event at one of 15 stations. Students had an opportunity to earn points at each location.

“This event was designed to get the students outside, be active and have fun,” said Principal Mitch Cumings, noting that while students are competing, they were learning to work together as a team.


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