McKenna Bennett ready to help Mohawks in various areas

McKenna Bennett gets ready to serve

MORLEY — McKenna Bennett is a senior on Morley Stanwood’s volleyball team with a unique role.

It’s her second varsity season.

“I’m more of a role player in practice,” Bennett said. “My serving helps the other side get better. I get into games for serving.”

As a server, “it’s more of a float serve or open serve,” she said. “If I see an open spot on the floor, I try to serve there.”

“She isn’t going to see the floor much this year and could most likely start on many other teams) and has chosen to still work hard for our team to make it better,” coach Robin Kozuch said. “We wouldn’t be able to do what we have done without kids like her. I think that many times these types of kids don’t get the credit they deserve and I think they have to be the strongest kids mentally on the team.

“This year was an extremely difficult year. We had a ton of kids try out. In my 17 years of coaching, this was my most difficult year for cuts. You teach them and coach them from kindergarten on up and I’ve gotten to be close to a lot of them. Last year, McKenna didn’t necessarily see the floor that much and I knew that was difficult for her.”

Bennett has played since seventh grade.

“It’s really fun and everyone is nice to each other and hustles,” Bennett said. “We’re way stronger than last year and everyone has gotten so much better. We have worked a lot on defense. We’ve gotten strong on defense. We’re a strong team.”



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