Baldwin angler seeing a lot of activity

Jim Waren

BALDWIN – Jim Warren has had a strong summer of fishing although he realizes the success won’t last forever.

His grandson, Tyler Clugston, has been out of town, but Warren reports Clugston’s fishing partner, Ryan Kolenbrander, has been getting “some nice bluegills on Mench Lake and North Lake (two public bodies of water). He has some nice bluegills.”

But Warren, a Baldwin resident in his 80s and an active angler, has liked the fishing season so far.

“It’s been a great summer,” he said. “Tyler has gotten three different photographs (of his catches). I was out flyfishing and got 25 beautiful bluegills on my flyrod, all 9 1/2-inches or better.”

Everything else has basically been quiet.

“I’ve seen a lot of baby turkeys,” Warren said. “In the earlier part of the month, we haven’t seen anything. Now all of a sudden, those baby turkeys are showing up everywhere along the road. They’re coming in so they can eat these grasshoppers which are just going crazy.


Posted by John Raffel

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