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GUEST EDITORIAL: No more freebies

We are happy to see the state Senate pass legislation that would force companies such as Amazon, Overstock, eBay and other Internet retailers to collect Michigan’s 6 percent sales tax, and we urge the state House of Representatives to do the same. Currently, only companies with brick and mortar businesses in the state have to […]

GUEST EDITORIAL: Affordable Care Act is helping control health-care spending increases

As Republicans in Congress gear up in January for their most aggressive attack yet on President Barack Obama’s health-care reforms, here’s something they probably won’t mention: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced last week that U.S. health-care spending grew just 3.6 percent in 2013. That’s the slowest growth rate on record since 1960 […]

GUEST EDITORIAL: Lame duck? More like lame lawmakers

Michigan, in theory, has a representative government. At least, it’s representative geographically, according to constitutional strictures. But look at the issues Lansing lawmakers are working hard to push across the finish line before the end of this year’s legislative session. There’s no clearer sign that state government has deeply, profoundly, lost its moorings in the […]

Light up! But be safe about it

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Christmas trees have taken their places of honor in fronts of windows and holiday lights have already begun to brighten up the nighttime landscape. And with every tree that’s sunk into a stand full of water or with every bulb that’s hung, it is important to keep […]

Please, drive to conditions

Almost every morning, the Pioneer editorial team receive a report from the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety logging local law enforcement’s activities over the past 24 hours …or so. Please, take a few seconds to read the first 10 logged reports for Tuesday, Nov. 18. 6:25 a.m. PDA State/Maple too fast for conditions. 6:36 […]

Great job, Mecosta County!

This year’s Match Day theme was “Miracle in Mecosta County.” Mecosta County Community Foundation board members selected it because they’d set a lofty goal — $1 million. They knew they needed a miracle to meet that goal. That goal was not only met, but exceeded by $14,000. More than $1 million given to charity in just one […]