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ALBOM: Tigers’ wish list for 2015 must include better defense

Did you ever notice how words that begin with “D” are rarely sexy? Divorce. Disappointment. Disillusion. Death. On the other hand, words beginning with “O” have more appeal. Optimism. Opportunity. Opulent. Ooh-la-la. Still, when it comes to sports, a “D” word often is the difference between champions and runners-up. “Defense.” And while the glitzier “offense” […]

DREW SHARP: Tigers GM Dombrowski must have big offseason

Dave Dombrowski executed one of his better political two-steps Tuesday, taking an hour’s worth of questions but offering exasperatingly few specifics. He artfully danced along that thin line of contradiction. Happy and unhappy in the same breath. Certain that the window of championship opportunity hasn’t fully closed, but nonetheless concerned with obvious personnel gaps in […]

DREW SHARP: Tigers keep emotions in check through struggles

Emotion isn’t scripted. It’s not canned, sitting atop a shelf ready for immediate use like some soup you forgot was back there. It’s counterproductive if contrived. It’s downright disastrous if fabricated in baseball. “You can’t make it up in this game,” Torii Hunter said. “It’s got to come from a genuine trigger, something spontaneous that […]

SHARP: Tigers must keep Max Scherzer to stay competitive

It’s already assumed that Max Scherzer is gone after this season. Why? Are the Tigers suddenly gun-shy about paying superstars a maximum price on the open market? If so, they’re admitting fraudulence, operating under the guise of freely running with baseball’s big-money dogs with the understanding that the potential high reward of big-ticket ballplayers comes […]