Back in Time — May 3, 2017

40 Years Ago

MAY 5, 1977




It’s quite likely Evart might lose its recently acquired Secretary of State driver’s license bureau.

This topic surfaced at the Osceola County Board’s monthly meeting held this past Monday at the county courthouse in Reed City.

Some commissioners feel the bureau will be moved to Big Rapids. This, then, would be the closest place for county citizens to get their licenses.

“I’m going to call Toepp (Sen. Jack), Ostling (Rep. Ralph) and VanSingel (Rep. Don) on this tonight,” said county board chairman Sid Ouwinga.

The board secretary left the meeting at this juncture upon Ouwinga’s request and returned in a short time with a letter dated January 12, 1977.

The letter said the county wishes to retain its license bureau, recently moved from Reed City to Evart. Ouwinga mentioned that at least the legislators can’t say the county commissioner never wrote them on this subject.



60 Years Ago

MAY 2, 1957




REED CITY – The Osceola Board of Supervisors took a hand in the controversial deer management problem in their session last week when they adopted a resolution calling for the Conservation Commission to secure the approval of the board in any county before permitting the killing of does during deer season.

The resolution cited the benefit of the deer herd as a tourist attraction as well as an attraction to deer hunters, and maintained that the local supervisors are in a better position to know about problems of overpopulation and starvation than members of the department.

The board also adopted a resolution opposing the establishment of a state auto ferry system between Frankfort and Upper Peninsula ports, citing the competition with the existing service maintained by the Ann Arbor Railroad, terming the proposal direct competition with private enterprise.

The board will also check into the possibility of acquiring the Reed City community building to be used for additional office space for the county. Supervisors Laughton, Danielson and Grant were appointed to investigate the matter.

Supervisors Elder, Peterson, Patterson, Elliott and Halladay were appointed to attend the Supervisors meeting in Lansing this week, with Supervisors Neuman and Hoover as alternates.

The board adjourned Wednesday after a three-day session.



80 Years Ago

MAY 6, 1937



The following people were on the honor roll this month: Donna Alexander, Charles Elder, Billy Gairns, Ilene Johnson, Yvonne Karsten, Elaine Lashua, Irene McKinstry, Barbara McLachlan, Mary McLachlan, Eva Mae McLachlan, Jane McLachlan and Junior Rice.

Ilene Johnson won the spelling contest in the upper grades and Beulah Jean Gairns in the primary grades. We are now beginning another one which is some different – we each have an animal and each time we get an A we get a star to put on it.

In hygiene class the fourth and fifth grades recently made posters of proper foods for breakfast, dinner and supper. Also other health illustrations will be given.

We had a game day last Friday afternoon with a potluck dinner. We enjoyed a peanut hunt and numerous other games. Our guests included Marylyn Argue, Louise McLachlan, Marlene Karsten, Vern Johnson and Wayne Alexander.

Our visitors this month were: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Argue, Mr. Wilcox, Vern Johnson, Florence Hodges, Marylyn Argue, and Louise McLachlan.



100 Years Ago

MAY 7, 1917



  1. Erwin Stafford delivered his lecture, “A Good Birth, the Child’s Right,” at the church Tuesday evening.

It was shown that a child born of immoral parents has very little chance of being better than those who brought him into the world.

Suggestions were offered which, if carried out, would prevent the birth of children who follow in the worst possible footsteps of their parents.

~ ~ ~

First State Savings Bank


The young people of the C. E. are particularly anxious that the attendance at their “Foot Social,” next Tuesday evening, at the Presbyterian Church, be well attended as they are making great preparation for the entertainment of their guests.

Those who attend are expected to pay admittance at the rate of five cents per foot and one cent for the odd inches of their length. Supper will be served at six o’clock.



120 Years Ago

MAY 1, 1897



Geo. Sawyer, who formerly lived in this area, encloses subscription for the next year and the following that may be of interest to his many acquaintances:

Friend Minchin:

I would like to say to my Osceola County friends, through your paper, that we are all well, and doing well and we are pleased with the country.

Our last crop was a fair one, but not as good as the crop before; too much straw, and it was down so that we could save only about half of it.

I had 50 acres of wheat and thrashed 700 bushels. I also had 600 bushels of oats, 300 of barley, 500 of corn, and 114 of flax.

All the help I had in any way this year was ten days in stacking, $12.50. My two oldest boys are working out all the time.

I have 100 acres of fall plowing which I intend to sow to wheat this spring. I use a gang plow and four horses to plow with, and plow from 5 to 6 acres per day.

Wheat is the money crop here: this fall the price has been from $.45 to $.75; today it is $.69 per bushel. I sold at $.68. This is a good country but one needs a little money to start with.

West Port, Pope Co., Minn.



140 Years Ago

MAY 4, 1877



-If you have any spare cash, enough to liquidate your subscription, it would come very acceptable.

-The north half of the postoffice building is open for a bid to rent.

There is still some snow in the ditches along the northern part of the G. R. & I. R’y.

-The Episcopal Society have engaged the building formerly occupied by the Methodists, in which they will hereafter hold their services.

-A party of young people of this village, as well as a group from Reed City, will go to Hersey this evening to attend the Rosette social, given by the Good Templars of that place.

-Charles Waffle has sold his interest in the bowl factory to J. B. Sleezer. The business will hereafter be conducted under the name of Sleezer Bros.

-A meeting of the stock holders of the Evart Booming Company is called for the 18th inst., for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing year.

-But few villages in northern Michigan can show a finer exhibit of finances than can Evart, or their streets, sidewalks, and appearance generally, for which we can thank our efficient village board.

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