Local Police Reports — May 3, 2017


April 24 to April 30

April 24

  • Officers were dispatched to an alarm at a local business. The area was found to be secure.
  • While on patrol, officers discovered an open door at a local business. The owner was contacted and the building was secured.
  • Officers responded to a two-car property damage accident. No injuries were reported.

April 26

  • Officers responded to an animal at large complaint. The animal returned home and a citation was issued to the owner.
  • Officers were dispatched to a larceny complaint. The case remains open at this time.
  • Officers were dispatched to a civil dispute. The matter was settled by having one of the involved parties leave the premises.
  • Officers were dispatched to investigate a suspicious situation. The premises were found to be secure.

April 27

  • Officers responded to a fraud complaint. The individual was found to be in violation of their parole. They were arrested and transported to the Osceola County Jail, where they were lodged on the violation.

April 29

  • Officers responded to a complaint of a possible suicidal subject. The individual was transported to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital for an evaluation.

April 30

  • Officers were called to conduct a peace officer stand-by while property was removed from a residence.


Reed City

April 24 to April 30

If you see any suspicious activity, call 911. For a non-emergency call 832-3255. Email tips to policereedcity@gmail.com.

Officers continue to perform property inspections and serve the appropriate abatement paperwork for those in violation of the Reed City Ordinances for tall grass, trash and vehicles though out the week. School Liaison Officer has been diligently keeping track of several at risk students regarding their attendance. Keeping in contact with school staff and the parents and submitting petitions for truancy request as required.

April 24

  • Officers were called to local restaurant regarding a firearm found in the men’s restroom. It appeared the man had set it on top of the toilet paper holder after removing it from his waist band. The officer retrieved the firearm and locked it up for safe keeping at the department until the owner can retrieve it.
  • Officers were dispatched to local parking lot to respond to a malicious destruction of personal property damage complaint. The complainant, a 29-year-old male, explained a heated confrontation occurred in the parking lot in which the other party was upset and damaged the vehicle he was driving as he left. Officers spoke with the 32-year-old male who was involved and he denied doing any damage. The matter will be turned over the Osceola County Prosecutor for review.
  • Officers were dispatched to a two-vehicle property damage accident at S. Chestnut Street and Church Avenue. No injuries were reported.
  • Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding a concerned mother of a teenage boy who was discovered to be playing online video games with a 24-year-old man who was also sending text messages requesting the boy to play. The mother told the man to never contact her son again. Officers advise that if they hear from him again to report it.

April 25

  • Officer arrested a 27-year-old male on outstanding warrants of felon in possession of a firearm and possession of meth components. The arrest stems from an investigation in January. The man was lodged pending arraignment.
  • Officers were requested to perform a well-being check on a juvenile male that had not shown up for school. Officers found the boy had slept through the alarm. Case closed.
  • Officers were dispatched to assist a 44-year-old female and her 24-year-old son who were seen having trouble walking down the road. They told the responding officer that they had been taken to the hospital by ambulance and have just been released to go home. The problem is they had to walk to the County Line Veterinary Office to meet with the Dial-A-Ride that will take them home. Officers transported the two to the veterinary office to catch a ride home from there.
  • Officers were dispatched to GT Norman Elementary for parking issues. Please remember the system that is in place is to efficiently move traffic through and maximize safety for the children. Parking along the sidewalk or failing to move forward causes delays and frustrations in other drivers. Those found disregarding the directional signs and barricades may receive a citation from the Police Department.

April 26

  • Officers were dispatched to the Crossroads Theater regarding a suspicious situation. The neighbor reported seeing someone walking around with a flashlight. The matter was unfounded.
  • Officers were dispatched to local business regarding possible damage to property. The matter was unfounded.
  • Officers were dispatched to a local apartment complex for an individual trespassing. The person was advised they were not allowed on the property. The individual had left prior to officers’ arrival.

April 27

  • Officers were dispatched to respond to a local residence regarding a suicidal male who was thought to have a loaded shotgun in the room with him and was drinking heavily. The responding officer spoke with the male who stated he did not want to hurt himself nor did he have a shotgun. Officers noted he did not appear to be intoxicated and advised he call 911 if he felt like hurting himself.
  • Officers were requested to perform a civil standby while a man retrieved his belongings from his ex-girlfriend’s house. The 64-year-old male was able to get his items from the home without incident.

April 28

  • Officers received information on the location of a possible intoxicated male. Officers performed a sobriety test on the 56-year-old male and he was found to be safe to drive. He also informed the officer that due to an injury he staggered slightly when he walked.
  • Officers received information of an abandoned bike and brought it back to the department for safe storage until the owner can claim it.

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