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Elder’s Forest Products – Buying Standing Timber – Selling Lumber Products

Elder’s Forest Products is a family owned sawmill located in Rockford Michigan. They specialize in buying standing timber from landowners in Michigan, as well as sell rough sawn lumber and other forest products to companies worldwide.

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Standing Timber Buyers

Elder’s purchases standing timber from landowners in Michigan. Timber that they are looking for includes: pine, oak, cherry, walnut, maple, and others.Selling the trees on your property is a great way to clear land for a project as well as make some money for other investments that you may need it for. If you have standing timber that you would like clear cut or select harvested on your land, request an appointment for a standing timber appraisal today.

The timber buying professionals at Elder’s come out to complete an on-site timber appraisal as well as discuss all the details of harvesting with you. They are always looking for more timber in order to process orders for manufacturers all over the world.

Forest Products Sales

Elder’s Forest Products provides lumber products to worldwide manufacturers. This includes industries such as furniture manufacturers, veneer companies, lumber companies, as well as others in need of quality timber products. They are a full scale sawmill that utilizes all of the by-products from timber purchased from Michigan landowners. Lumber products that Elder’s sells includes: rough sawn lumber, veneer logs, pine boards, precut fence boards, railroad ties, sawdust and mulch. Request a quote for forest products from Elder’s today.

rough sawn lumber at sawmill in rockford, elders forest products buys standing timber in michigan and sells timber byproducts to manufacturers worldwide.


To work with a family owned sawmill that has over 30 years experience in the lumber industry, call Elder’s Forest Products at (616) 866-9317. They are happy to answer any questions you have about timber on your land, or the lumber byproducts they sell and ship all over the world.

Location and Contact Info

10367 Northland Dr NE Rockford, MI 49341
(616) 866-9317

    Services and Products Offered

  • Standing Timber Buyers
  • Sawmill
  • Forest Products Sales
  • Rough Sawn Lumber Sales
  • Manufacturer of Fence Posts, Saw Dust, Railroad Ties, etc.

    Areas Served

  • Michigan
  • United States
  • Rockford, MI - Kent County
  • West Michigan
  • Northern Michigan