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Varmint Evictors is a locally owned family business. We are licensed through the State of Michigan – DNR #RC342 and comply with all laws regarding wildlife control and removal in Michigan. Our Wildlife and Bat Removal Specialists are also fully insured to protect you and your property. You can count on Varmint Evictors to be the peacemakers between man and beast!

Michigan Bat Removal

Central Michigan Bat Removal Experts

Varmint Evictors – Bat Removal Experts, has over 20 years experience in removing bats from Michigan homes, businesses, farms, schools and other organizations. Since 1996 our advanced bat removal system and concern for wildlife, property and you, has made us the most efficient & friendly wildlife removal service in West and Central Michigan. Contact us today to remove those critters.


Tim Snyder – Owner of Varmint Evictors Inc.

Tim Owner of Varmint Evictors Bat Removal Michigan


Other Critters

We also specialize in other varmint and nuisance wildlife removal and control such as: Skunks, Squirrels, Moles, Woodchucks, Raccoons, Birds, Opossum, and other wild rodents.


Wildlife Damage Repair and Cleanup Services in Michigan

We can clean up the messes left behind by bats and other wildlife.

Bat Droppings Guano Attic Insulation

Bats can leave a mess! This is an example of Bat Droppings in an attic space.

Wildlife Cleanup and Damage Repair

Critters tend to leave big messes and damage property. Varmint Evictors offers professional wildlife damage restoration and complete contaminant cleanup services.

Occasionally there is a need for a professional cleanup of a space due to bat guano, urine or other messes caused by wild critters. Contamination or severe damage may be covered under your home owners insurance. Contact your insurance company if clean out is required and we will provide a quote for you.

We use an industrial insulation removal vacuum system to cleanup. It is set up outside of your home or office. We are careful and remove all contaminated, damaged materials. Then we completely disinfect the area, repair additional damage found and if necessary we can install new clean insulation.

Wildlife Prevention Bat Exclusion Services

Animal Control Maintenance Program

Do you have recurring wildlife control or damage problems? Ask us about our Wildlife Prevention and Control Maintenance Program. We offer reduced rates for our Monthly, Quarterly or Annual customers. Let Varmint Evictors keep your home, rental property, or business critter free.


Location and Contact Info

Stanton, MI 48888

    Services and Products Offered

  • Wildlife Inspections, Removal & Relocation
  • Bat Removal & Exclusion
  • Humane, Animal Friendly, Wildlife Control
  • Skunk & Raccoon Eviction
  • Wildlife Damage Repair & Clean-Up

    Areas Served

  • Central & West Michigan
  • Montcalm County
  • Newaygo County
  • Ludington
  • Manistee County