Still, digging out could be fun. Miles Bednarczyk, 8, of Manistee, helped shovel his Third Street walkway Saturday afternoon. (John Counts/News Advocate)

As of 4 p.m. Sunday, 4,400 Consumers Energy customers in Manistee County were without power after a winter storm dumped between roughly four and 12 inches of sloppy, wet snow Friday night. Power outages were reported in the south part of Manistee, Bear Lake, Arcadia and elsewhere in the county.


Gabriel Bednarczyk, 8, helped his brother, Miles, clear off some snow from the porch.



One comment on “A STORM OF POWER (OUTAGES)

  1. avatarupnorthman

    Our recent storm got me to wondering…Are there pre-designated places in the county where people can go when they have no electricity. We were without power for 36 hours and were able to manage. I imagine that there are elderly or disabled people in the community who would have a hard time surviving in the cold with no heat or water or phone. Also, no power, no radio or TV so public service announcements couldn’t be received. I imagine that the public safety powers that be have a plan but I’m thinking that we should get the word out about how to get help and where to go before the next power outage.

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