STRAIGHT TALK: 3rd graders, ‘If I were president …’

News Advocate staff writer David Barber asks the students in Laura Williams’ third grade class at Manistee’s Jefferson Elementary what they would do if they were President of the United States.

Students in Manistee Jefferson Elementary School 3rd grade class of Laura Williams answer this week’s Straight Talk question, “If I were president, I would… .”

Rachel Owens, 8: Find a house for hopeless people.” When asked if she meant “homeless people,” Rachel thought a for a few seconds and said, “No, hopeless people.

Andrea Morr, 8: Help poor people and homeless people, find homes for everyone. I would not have school. I hate video games, so I would not allow video games.

Taylor Guthrie, 9: Clean up the oil in the lakes and help others.

Sarena Bartosz, 8: Paint the president’s place green.

Shane James Kaiser, 8: Do nothing.

Trent Beaudire, 8: Feed the poor when they are sick.

Lauren Mendians, 9: Feed the poor and have school be for two months.

Cheyenne Renner, 9: Paint the White House purple and give the homeless people homes.

Emerald Lawrence, 9: Make a law about no littering and no energy, only wind energy.

Brock James Baldwin, 8: Stop the war.

Sydney Linke, 9: Feed the poor so they wouldn’t starve and I would give the poor money.

Ethan Gene Nickleson, 9: Make no more war, no more school and everyone should play outside.

Ethan James, Nickleson, 9: Never change laws. I would feed the poor. I would get everybody cards and driving licenses.

Charlee Hicks,8: Help people in need. If there was garbage on the ground, I would pick it up.

Drew Ryan Olds, 10: Find homeless animals and take good care of all the homeless cats and dogs. I will also find homes for the homeless.

Kaylee Grimes, 9: Paint the White House green and I would take the killing video games away.

Austin Holbrook, 8: Cut off school for two months.

Dominic Valencia, 8: Stop wars and feed the poor.

Emily Krolczyk, 9: Stop war and feed the homeless and stop school forever.

Jasmine Cabarrubia, 8: Try to get the oil out of the ocean and keep the animals healthy and not extinct.

Ava Bladzik, 9: Feed the poor and I would make everybody to have a nice life. The end.


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