Moms rock!

Actually, more often than not, it’s Mama and not Mother in rock ‘n’ roll parlance. But whatever you call her, she inspired some of the most memorable songs in rock. Honor Mom by taking this quiz related to her. Then give her a call and thank her for rocking your cradle.

1. On July 5, 1954, Elvis Presley recorded “That’s All Right (Mama)” at Sun Records in Memphis and changed music forever. What was Elvis’ Mama’s name?

A. Doreen Melvis Presley

B. Thelma Velvet Presley

C. Gladys Love Presley

D. Wilma Betty Presley

2. According to the Rolling Stone’s song released in 1966, what is “Mother’s Little Helper?”

A. Valium

B. Vince, Mother’s
personal trainer

C. Vitamins

D. Viagra

3. Who wrote the lyrics: “I turned 21 in prison doing life without parole. No one could steer me right but Mama tried, Mama tried.”

A. Snoop Dogg

B. Hank Willams Jr.

C. Eminem

D. Merle Haggard

4. The Beatles song “Your Mother Should Know” accompanies John, Paul, George and Ringo performing an elaborate dance scene in which of their 1960s movies?

A. “Help!”

B. “Magical Mystery Tour”

C. “Hard Day’s Night”

D. “Yellow Submarine”

5. “Your Mama Don’t Dance” reached No. 4 on the Billboard pop chart in 1972 for which duo?

A. Hall and Oates

B. Seals and Crofts

C. Loggins and Messina

D. Brewer and Shipley

6. According to a 1972 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, where did Paul Simon get the title for his song “Mother and Child Reunion?”

A. PTA meeting pamphlet

B. Painting at an art gallery

C. Chinese restaurant menu

D. Newspaper headline

7. “Mama Told Me Not to Come” was a No. 1 hit for Three Dog Night in 1970. Complete the lyric: “Open up the window/let some air into this room/I think I’m almost chokin’/from the smell of …..”

A. “magic ‘shrooms”

B. “stale perfume”

C. “poppy blooms”

D. “your costume”

8. Not the most charming motherly advice ever given, “Mama Said Knock You Out” was a song and album by which rapper turned actor?

A. L.L. Cool J.

B. Ice-T

C. Will Smith

D. Ice Cube

9. “Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb?” is the first line of Pink Floyd’s song “mother” from which album?

A. “Wish You Were Here”

B. “Animals”

C. “Dark Side of the Moon”

D. “The Wall”

10. The Mothers of Invention was the sometime backup band for which singer-songwriter?

A. Frank Zappa

B. James Brown

C. Iggy Pop

D. Neil Young


1. C. Gladys Love Presley

2. A. Valium.

3. D. Merle Haggard. Haggard served time in San Quentin (not life without parole) despite the efforts of his mama, Flossie Mae Haggard.

4. B. “Magical Mystery Tour.” Although the song gives Mom her props, it also repeats “she was born a long, long time ago” four times. Rubbing it in.

5. C. Loggins and Messina.

6. C. Chinese restaurant menu. It was the name of a chicken and egg dish.

7. B. Stale perfume.

8. A. L.L. Cool J. His real name is James Todd Smith.

9. D. “The Wall.” A disc to give you and Mom that warm-and-fuzzy feeling on Mother’s Day.

10. A. Frank Zappa. His wife, Gail, was the mother of Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet and Diva Thin


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