Hoping for comfort after tragedy

Participants watch as a balloon is released to honor a baby who died too soon.

MANISTEE — Saturday, for many, was a day to remember their children who died too soon.

“The Walk to Remember is to honor babies who were either lost in a miscarriage, still birth, or early infant death,” organizer Kim Anderson said. “October is national pregnancy and infant loss awareness month, so this event is designed to give parents a way to honor the children that they lost.”

Around 50 people attended the second annual Walk to Remember at Manistee Catholic Central on a rainy, cold Saturday morning. Prayer and music opened the event, and then participants took a short walk around MCC’s track to remember children lost. At the end, participants released balloons dedicated to each baby.

“People who have lost a child, it’s a hard thing, and it’s hard to talk about,” Anderson said. “It’s something that stays with you for the rest of your life, and family and friends kind of move on from it. It’s something that lingers with parents, so having a way to honor those babies is very important.”


Posted by Eric Sagonowsky

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