Looking Back at Dec. 6

The Aug. 22, 1910 wreck of a Manistee & Northeastern train southwest of Kalkaska. It was caused by a tree that fell across the track. (Courtesy Photo/Dale Picardat)


Portagers edge out Bobcats

With Brethren and Onekama once more playing in the same league, their first basketball encounter as such proved to be a hair raiser, which Onekama won 62-61. Bobcat Mike Charlich gave an outstanding performance, pouring in 30 points. Dennis Manke of the Portagers threw in 19 points.


Heavy mailing seen here

With less than three weeks before Christmas, incoming and outgoing mail at the Manistee Post Office has been on the increase and an exceptionally heavy mailing season is predicted here, Postmaster Joseph Adamski said. In order to avoid the long lines that formats the stamp and package window around this time of year, Adamski advised persons to purchase the amount of stamps needed in advance of the rush.


Consideration in parking urged

A mounting volume of protest is being recorded against the practice of a number of employees in River Street stores, business and professional men and merchants themselves, who insist upon parking their cars in the busy downtown district. It should be necessary to ask merchants themselves to cooperate, Chief Kruse says, since they realize that purchasers must be able to find parking space to be able to stop and buy into Manistee’s stores.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee Historical Museum

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