miSpot ready to launch new Internet service

Pictured is one of miSpot’s “dongles.” Dongles plug into the USB port of your computer and allow the user to have mobile internet access around the service area. The presenters gave the example of using the dongle to access internet at First Street Beach or a park around town. (Eric Sagonowsky/News Advocate)

Representatives from miSpot, a new 4G LTE internet service provider coming to Manistee County, met with community members Thursday afternoon to discuss the product and announce the service’s launch next week.

“It’s been a long process and we’re really happy to be here,” said Ray Leppien, general manager of Agri Valley Communications. “A lot of people said ‘Why Manistee?’ well, the Alliance for Economic Success had a big part in supporting us.

“They helped coordinate focus groups locally here so we could talk to people about what they were looking for, types of service, things they would use it for. And then the City of Manistee stepped up, and they were actually the first municipality to lease a site to us.”

The company has installed their equipment on two water towers in Manistee and is now ready to launch. After two months of beta testing in Manistee County, miSpot announced Thursday that they will have an open house at Days Inn on Monday from 2 to 8 p.m. to talk to community members interested in signing up.

“Essentially, we will be there to take questions,” said Chris Natzel, miSpot sales and marketing manager. “If customers want to sign up for service we will be able to do that. The intent is to just introduce a face to the company.”

The company will also assist customers with determining coverage strength and package recommendations based on their location and usage methods. Tuesday, the company will be at the Bear Lake Lions Club from 2 to 8 p.m.

After the initial launch, the company plans to launch 30 additional sites throughout Michigan by the beginning of April, and another 17 by the end of May. Some of the sites listed were Arcadia, Frankfort, Cheboygan, Eastlake, and Bear Lake.

“After that, are we stopping here?” Leppian questioned. “No. We believe the service will be a success and will be something that will be desired. What we then will be doing, we will be looking for 30 to 50 sites that we can secure and start putting up this year. By the end of this year we hope to have 70 to 90 sites up.”

More information about service packages and coverage areas is available online at www.mispot.net.


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