100 Years Ago

The following news items are reprinted from the Manistee Daily Advocate for the week ending March 1, 1913.

“The Manistee and Northeastern railroad’s plans for a gas-electric car service to connect Manistee and Onekama have not yet taken definite form, but there is a strong probability that such a service will be established next summer. At this end a switch or two will be all that is necessary to connect the railroad with the street car rails.

“Mayor W. R. Hall, who has some plans and gas-electric photographs, figures that the entire cost for the purchase of one car and for the construction of such rails as are needed would not be over $5,000. The car would be about the length of the new cars here and would carry 30 people.

“It might be explained the gas-electric service merely amounts to automobiles on rails, for the engines are similarly constructed and are looked favorably upon because they are less troubled by sleet.

“Washington, Feb. 21.-Plain labeling of food packages with the net weight and contents before they are sold to the public is required by a bill passed by the senate today, which already has passed the house.

“Manistee High School defeated Benzonia College in a good basketball game last evening by a score of 35 to 13. A poor crowd attended, and the local team showed lack of much practice together. The next game on the local floor will be one between Aza Club and the Battle Creek Y.M.C.A., a week from tonight.

Tomorrow, Washington’s birthday, the post office general delivery window will only be open from 9 to 10 in the morning and the carriers will make one morning delivery.

“Co. I is planning to hold a public inspection of the company next Thursday night to give citizens a chance to see what the company will look like in the inaugural parade at Washington. An order has been issued that all companies must appear in full dress for that parade. The boys leave here March 2.

“Robert Kremple, the son of Ewald R. Krempel, 380 Third Street, was apprehended in Racine after running away from home and was brought back to Manistee this noon by his father. The case will come up in the justice court Monday.

“A week ago today the boy, who is 18 years old, was arrested on the charge of smoking cigarettes on the street, contrary to a state law. The case came up in Justice Richmond’s court, Kremple being told that he would go free if he would tell who sold him the cigarettes. He refused to do so. The justice then said that he might prefer to see his father in regard to the matter before deciding, and the police let the boy go home, the case being adjourned until afternoon.

“The boy went homeā€¦. then he skipped out of town on the noon train. From Racine he sent a message to his father asking for $12 with which to return to Manistee. Chief Grady knew that $12 would not be required for any such purpose and suspected that the boy did not intend to come across the lake at all. The father, therefore, went to Racine after him, the boy being held by the Racine police at the request of Chief Grady.

“Officers were elected for the proposed Young Men’s Christian association at a meeting held Sunday afternoon at the library. The meeting was well attended, 44 finally signing the membership list, and great enthusiasm was shown in regard to the new organization.

“No definite plans have yet been made as to the place of meeting or the association’s club rooms. At a meeting next Sunday in the library at 4 o’clock, it is proposed to settle this point.

“Twenty rounds of classy boxing will be pulled off at Ramsdell Hall tonight. Seats have sold well and a big crowd is expected. The show starts sharp at 8:45.

“Do you expect to take up the profession of teaching?

“If so, enter the Manistee County Normal. You will receive 10 months’ efficient training, at little expense, which will entitle you to a certificate for three years teaching.

“The ruling of the state department requires all applicants to have completed eleven grades of school work; special cases, however, will be made for ten grades of creditable work.

“The graduates of the normal have received marked success, and one-third of the teachers in this county hold normal certificates.

“Plan to attend Manistee County Normal next year? Send your name and address by April 1st to the commissioner of schools.

“The first boxing match to take place in Manistee since Ben Fudge knocked out Joe Blackburn in the tenth round of a bout at Northside Park four years ago was pulled off at the Ramsdell Theater last evening to a crowd of enthusiasts. Local talent got the better of the argument.

“Capt. Charles Koch of Co. I reports that about $75 were cleared for the company in last night’s bouts. This money will go to defray the expense of the company’s trip to Washington next week.

“That Manistee residences are being systematically burglarized by one or more persons is the startling result derived from a comparison of a half dozen robberies which have taken place in this city within the last week. The police are working quietly to secure the arrest of those they suspect, and it is understood that they are confident that they have spotted their man and are now waiting to secure his arrest. The following list has been sanctioned by the police:

“CHARLES ANDERSON’S DRUG STORE-A window was smashed and pennies and stamps to the value of $1 were taken late Saturday night.

“REV. J. E. WILKINSON’S RESIDENCE at the rectory of the Holy Trinity church. A watch and $4 were taken Sunday morning while services were going on at the church.

“G. O. NYE’S RESIDENCE, 512 Fourth street.


“It will be remembered that a similar robbery took place last fall when a ring valued at $250 and $30 in cash were taken from James Mullen, 396 Fourth Street. The similarity between the different burglaries leads to the conviction that they were all accomplished by the same person or by two persons working together.

“On account of the increased patronage of the baths at Mercy sanatorium it has been found necessary to install a more powerful pump at the Buckley and Douglas mill No. 2 to force the brine up to the bath house. The pump was made at the Manistee Iron Works.

“Company I will leave for Washington on a special train Sunday morning and will return home at noon on March 8. Outside of the inaugural parade, the boys will have the time in Washington almost entirely to themselves, and it will mostly be used in sightseeing.

“This year will be the first time that Michigan has ever been represented by the military at the inaugural parade, and Manistee will have the distinction of being one of the two cities in the state to send companies. The boys have had mighty hard work, but are going to see the scheme through. They will go into debt to the extent of about $200. Fifty-five men will make the trip.

Compiled by Teena Kracht from the newspaper archives of the Manistee County Historical Museum.

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