Train Wreck takes home Monster Mania title

MANISTEE — Three trophies, three boats, and plenty more in cash and prizes were given away at Tournament Trail’s last stop of the season Sunday during the Little River Casino & Resort’s Manistee Monster Mania.

Three champions were crowned, including the weekend’s main event winner, team Train Wreck of Muskegon.

“We just tried to get as many fish as we could at first light, right at the pier head,” said captain Tyler Charles of his boat’s two-day total of 138 1/2 pounds, in the five-fish-per-day event. “(Saturday) we were able to get all our fish there, (Sunday) we had to move off shore.

“We used mostly flies, meat rigs and plugs, and it worked out.”

While Train Wreck edged Hammbone (129.65) and Living The Dream (125.20) in this weekend’s event, all brought home trophies Sunday.

Hammbone won the best overall title in the 333 Championship Series with its cumulative score through the season, while Living The Dream won the $10,000 prize by being crowned the Broadcast Champion in this summer’s Salmon Showdown.

Tournament Trail’s Scott MacDonald was pleased with the weekend turnout despite the hit-and-miss fishing success.

“We had close to 50 boats, which was an awesome number this late in the year,” he said. “Fishing was tough. It was a five-fish tournament, and it was hard to even get your limit.

“The guys that won found a way to do it, though,” he added. “They got huge fish; we had 28-pounders, 27-pounders, 26, 25, right on down the line. So, the huge fish are out there, it’s just been tricky to find them.”

MacDonald added that the Tournament Trail, which made three stops in its home base of Manistee and one in Onekama this summer, had another successful summer.

“It was another awesome season,” he said. “We’ve been putting it on TV the last few years, and the support’s been awesome.

“We’ve had great numbers as far as participation goes, in Manistee and all the way down the Trail. We’re just excited to keep it going and watch it grow.”


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