LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congress is America’s real enemy


Some facts for readers regarding the clown show in Washington D.C.: Both the U.S. Senate and House of Represenatives retain full pay during the shutdown of the federal government. All other federal employees get no pay, and this does not include private contractor employees!

In addition, Congress thinks that U.S. taxpayers should provide them 100 percent free health care. The speaker of the house was caught red-handed requesting that from the Office of Personnel Management. Of course, in the last couple of days he says different. We pay these people three times the average salary of U.S. households, plus many other perks, that few of us have.

The worst part of this is they have bullet-proofed these benefits so they cannot be taken away. Today what we are getting for our money is a closed federal government and a very real possibility of defaulting on our debt as a nation.

What I would like the readers of this newspaper to realize is that the real enemy of the people of this country is the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

As an example, Dr. Dan (Benishek) our Congressman refuses to return phone calls, and answer emails, and I’m sure some Democrats would do the same. We as a community need to take action on these issues that I have brought up! If you do nothing, then you should move to another planet.

Captain John Kennedy Nolan, Ret.


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