Ramsdell board to create strategic plan

MANISTEE — Until now, the Ramsdell Governing Authority has been more about managing day-to-day operations, less about long-term planning.

However, with Michael Terry joining in early September as the Ramsdell Theatre executive director, leaders hope to create goals for the organization and draft a mission statement and strategic plan.

Terry will meet with Manistee finance director Ed Bradford to write out a set of steps to create a strategic plan and other RGA documents. RGA members will give extensive input.

“We want to transition from rolling up your sleeves to a governance body,” commented Bradford. “This is key to where we want to go. It’s a new chapter. Maybe it’s a new novel in a series.”

Terry suggested creating “measurable objectives.” The RGA will track progress and report to the Manistee City Council.

The next meeting of the RGA is Nov. 1 at city hall.

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