Looking Back

Loggers prepare to load logs on a railroad car in this late 1800 picture.

Loggers prepare to load logs on a railroad car in this late 1800 picture.


Sportsman Clubhouse ready soon

New indoor sanitary facilities, electric pump and hot water tank will be installed soon at the Sportsman Clubhouse. These units will make the club’s facilities more attractive for use by other organizations. The 40 acre facility on Bear Creek has not been made available in the past to other organizations. The property is now available for picnics, meetings, and like activities for responsible groups.


Lyric Theatre closed

Sunday’s shows at the Lyric Theatre will be the last to be presented and the theatre will be closed indefinitely it was announced by Butterfield Theatre officials. No plans for possible reopening of the theater in the future were contained in the brief announcement.


First Street job to be completed

Although temporarily held up by the cessation of all city CWA projects, the widening of First Street, from the Water Works to the lakeshore will be completed, City Manager Otto Damrow said today. When the job was halted a couple of weeks ago because of the CWA cuts, the city manager was informed that he would be able to get more definite information on resumption of the work within two or three weeks. That time has come as the city commission has decided to finish the widening of the present road to 66 feet before considering the boulevard.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum



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