Pondering with P.J.: Recovering from surgery

There is one thing that can be accomplished when recovering from surgery and that is making lists. I could wallpaper my office and hallway so far with the lists I’ve drafted just in the last month. I’ve been careful as to not do anything too physical to interrupt my healing process so all my lists are designated to help the Spouse get his work organized.

I cannot print the words he expressed after just reading the first 15 to 20 pages.

Through the almost 48 years we have been married, the Spouse has always received condolences for what he has had to endure. He attributes his stamina to having spent 13 months in the jungles of Vietnam early in our marriage. Somehow surviving a war zone is good training for a long period of time in double harness and I am grateful.

The Spouse has been an excellent caregiver during my recovery period. I couldn’t ask for a more devoted helper, but I can see trouble on the horizon.

Since the Spouse retired a few years ago he has taken up “Gentleman Farming” and the results have been outstanding. However, it appears he has noticed a small patch of dirt next to our driveway snow pile and this has given him cause to tremble. He can’t be doing laundry, dishes and cooking when there is bare ground to be tilled. I can see my days of being a frail delicate flower will be coming quickly to an end.

Fortunately for me, I have been receiving physical therapy twice a week, and then do home therapy twice a day with exercises assigned by the therapist. It’s not in the top 10 things I want to keep doing for the rest of my life, but I’m told if I ever want to get my “right wing” back in working order, it is mandatory.

Exercise has never been my strong suit so I was a little apprehensive in the beginning but when I realized most of the work was done from a sitting or laying position…..there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, that light has dimmed somewhat.

“Stretching” seems to be the key word in this therapy thing. So far anything going north and south works fairly well after a little encouragement, but trying to go in the other direction is another story.

This makes me think of how Dad would go over all his farm equipment every spring to make sure everything would be ready to turn some dirt. I was his “right hand man” and worked right alongside him. Whenever he would encounter something that had frozen up over the winter, he got the grease gun out and gave it a shot.

I’ve decided I need to have a grease fitting installed in my shoulder. I’ll mention it during the next therapy session.

The snow is melting and the handwriting is on the wall….my caregiver is leaving me for another, more exciting experience. It won’t be easy, his soft lily white hands are going to have to build up a hearty thickness of calluses after all that dishwater but I think he is looking forward to it.

So, my home therapy will be expanding somewhat. I’ve proven I can eat with both hands so I can probably encourage the left side to help out the right and get the lighter household jobs done without a problem. Spring housecleaning is still on schedule….I do it every five years and still have three years to go.

Thanks for all the well wishes!

As Usual,


Pauline Jacquish is the author of “Uncommon Sense.” She can be reached at Pj646@centurytel.net.



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Pauline Jaquish is the author of “Uncommon Sense.” You can reach her at Pj646@centurytel.net.

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