Art Snake: Local artists to open studios to public

Artist Les Scruggs is shown with some of his work for the 2013 Art Snake tour.

Artist Les Scruggs is shown with some of his work for the 2013 Art Snake tour. (File photo)

ONEKAMA — Eleven artists will show their stuff at eight venues this weekend in Onekama.

The seventh annual Art Snake will take attendees around Portage Lake to view fine art in the studios of the artists.

Much of the art will be painting and drawing, but there are also four sculpture specialists.

All art locations will be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Maps of the tour can be found at ARTDECK, located at 7187 Miller Road in Onekama, or at Handstand, located at 4968 Main St. in Onekama.

Organizer Les Scruggs said he’s excited to see all the new work. Although, many of the artists are repeats from previous years, they’ll all have something new to show.

The requirements to exhibit in the Art Snake are to be within about half a mile from the lake, and to be a fine artist, he said. There’s no judging, just viewing.

The route around the lake is about seven to eight miles, and people are encouraged to bike, although most drive, Scruggs said.

Scruggs’ abstract wood sculptures will be featured at the ARTDECK.

Sam Soet, who worked with Scruggs as a college student, will show his sculptures and paintings in the tour for the second time. His first Art Snake was in 2011.

“It seemed like a good year to get back into it,” he said.

Soet lives in central Michigan, but his parents own a cottage near Portage Lake where he will display his animal sculptures and paintings. His work will be at 3198 Crescent Beach Road.

He said he uses the cottage as a vacation work spot.

“I can’t go very long without sawdust,” Soet said.

Onekama Art Snake participating artists:

  • Keven Berklund, wood work, located at 1955 Crescent Beach Road;
  • Les Scruggs, sculpture, located at ARTDECK at 7187 Miller Road;
  • Sam Soet, sculpture and painting, located at 3198 Crescent Beach Road;
  • Ken Cooper, paintings, pottery and prints, located at 6754 Old U.S. 31;
  • Kristine Harvey and Jamey and Susan Barnard, pastels and paintings, located at Handstand at 4968 Main St.;
  • Mike Grant, drawings and landscapes, located at 4404 Main St.;
  • Jane Davidson, mixed media, bronze sculpture, drawings and fused glass, located at 4461 Prospect St.; and
  • Phil and Susan Joseph, paintings and more, located at 9220 S. Portage Point Drive.

For more information, contact Scruggs at (231) 239-2478.


Posted by Justine McGuire