JEANINE BUCHHOLZ: Saylor’s campaign is self-funded


I am writing in regards to Daryl Switalski’s letter to the editor “Letter about judge candidate misses the mark,” published in the Oct. 24 edition of the News Advocate.

I am pretty certain that both candidates for the 19th Circuit Court judge position “work hard, have dedication and commitment” (dedication and commitment – pretty much mean the same thing, don’t they?). I really did not feel there was an abuse of power allegation in the letter that Mr. Switalski was referencing.

My main concern is the misrepresentation by Mr. Switalski that David Thompson has funded his “own campaign.” I believe that the only candidate that has done that is George Saylor. I should know – I am his sister, and he refused to cash the check I wrote him!

I am both disappointed that my brother would not let me financially support his quest to become a judge, and proud that he would even refuse money from family, fighting against any implication of impropriety that seems to be present in our government more and more.

I am pretty certain people will believe I am biased. Rightly so. With that in mind, I am sure that there is only one candidate that can claim experience in all aspects of law that will be before the circuit court, and that is the one factor that would influence my decision as a reasoned voter.

My hope is that voters in Manistee and Benzie counties do their homework/due diligence. If they do, there is only one choice for 19th Circuit Court judge: George Saylor.

Jeanine Buchholz

Grosse Pointe/Manistee

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