MARK GREENING: It’s time for a new representative in Lansing


What good things has Rep. Ray Franz accomplished for we middle-class folks? None that I can think of, unless you consider the whole three job listings in the Manistee News Advocate employment classifieds, none being a job that will support a family, as good for our district.

Nothing about our roads that are driving tourists away and destroying our vehicles. Nothing about invasive species that could ruin our beautiful area.

Is his support and vote for the huge tax-and-spend income tax levied on our working-class retirees helped? It sure helped the republican billionaires with their gigantic tax cuts.

Same with the attacks on our beloved schools and their employees and students. Do poor schools attract business? I don’t think so.

Was his support of the huge expansion of big government via his vote and support of the removal of the business tax, which created yet another big government monstrosity, helpful to the vast majority of middle-class folks (the few that remain in our district)? Even in his hometown of Onekama, the shuttered businesses increase every year.

Where is this the great Republican recovery that is so touted? We must have missed it somehow here in beautiful Manistee County. This is what a big government-tax-and-spend politician gets you. It is time for someone different to represent middle-class folks, not just the billionaires.

Mark Greening


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