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Onekama Consolidated Schools students show off the use of their iPads.

Onekama Consolidated Schools students show off the use of their iPads.

ONEKAMA — The Onekama Consolidated Schools Board of Education got a first-hand look at how technology works in their school at Monday’s meeting.

Students from the elementary, middle and high school gave a presentation on how they were using the iPads or the Macbooks in their lessons.

“This is how they use them in their daily lessons, skill building or for re-teaching at night,” said Onekama superintendent Kevin Hughes.

He said they are a great tool for getting students that have fallen behind back up to speed. Part of that was to get online instruction in a variety of areas.

“The students use the Kahn Academy to work on any areas of deficiency that are shown by the SAT,” said Hughes.

He said other programs in IXL math help students fix any shortcomings. They determine where they need assistance on the NWEA testing that the district students do several times a year.

“That can be used at all levels from elementary to high school level and the kids are working more with the computers and iPads at home that extends the school day,” he said. “Some kids need remediation and others need the opportunity to move forward and with technology you can gear it for each particular child and where they are at academically.”

Board members also took action on several different items during the evening. They approved the “We Believe” statement that the board drew up to create a focus on what they are trying to achieve as a district.

During the past several months the board has also been working on updating and improving its board policy. They approved that as well as a calendar on what the superintendent should be doing at certain times of the year to be used in the evaluation process.

Hughes also told the board about how the process is moving forward for the installation of new pones in the district.

“We will be putting in a new phone system this summer and it will be installed by the Manistee ISD tech people,” said Hughes. “It is the new IT phone system that will work over the internet and based on the VOIP system that all the other school districts in the county are using.”

Hughes said the installation will be revenue neutral due to all the savings they will be seeing as a result of the switch to remove the present landlines.

“Over two years it will not cost us anything because of the savings,” he said. “(Manistee ISD technology director ) Roy (Anciso) is going to install it.”

Board members were also told that the students are presently taking the SAT schedule and the PSAT testing presently and will be taking M-STEP testing in the near future.

Hughes said the staff appreciation day would take place on May 4, and the PTO will put on a luncheon for the whole staff.

“We are also going to have our secretaries go to Administrative Professionals Day with the chamber on April 27,” he said.

Another thing that the board heard the details on was the special education remodel for the ISD.

“They’re looking for two rooms of space and looking for a third room,” said Hughes. “The board is fine with doing that.”


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