BARBARA YOUNG: Demand justice for USS Liberty crew


With the Memorial Day weekend events in most people’s minds, another memorial is overlooked.

When all festivities are over, please take a moment and remember the USS Liberty. Lives were stolen, hearts were terribly aggrieved.

June 8, 1967, is the day an American ship was deliberately targeted by Israeli forces with a hidden agenda. To this day, no one is held accountable.

So on that date, take a minute, pause in remembrance. Be proud that Manistee has chosen to recognize that atrocity with the establishment of a plaque when other cities do not.

Ask yourself, are you perpetuating the refusal to recognize the truth? Watch the videos available, read the books on that day of infamy. The read Alison Weir’s book, “Against Our Better Judgment.”

Demand recognition of the truth. Let your voice be heard and your pocket book demand justice.

Barbara Young

Bear Lake

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