MOVING TO THE GROOVE: Senior Center creates music video with MAPS students

MANISTEE — After slipping on a fur coat and popping on some shades, Olivia Taylor issued a challenge.

“Bring it on Grandma,” the Manistee High School student said Friday at the Manistee County Senior Center.

Her grandmother Pat Cybert obliged, and the two were then locked in a dance battle for the ages.

This was just one of the fun scenes filmed Friday morning by teacher Brian Veine’s video production class. His students shot a music video, featuring the spirited bunch of area seniors singing Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” which will be used as a promotional tool for the Manistee County Council on Aging.

“The idea actually came from watching a video from another senior center,” said the Senior Center’s Jo Hall, who spearheaded the lighthearted project. “We wanted to get something similar out in the community, because we do need some community support.

“We want to show people that we’re lively and welcoming, and like to have fun here,” she added. “The main emphasis is to get the Senior Center promoted and attract people to come in.”

Students and seniors alike packed the center Friday, all letting loose by busting moves and singing along to the upbeat tune. The video production class is in charge of direction and production of the video.

“This class has been doing a lot of stuff with the community this year,” Veine said. “That’s really been our focus, so when Jo came to me with this idea, I thought it was awesome and we went from there.

“It’s been great today,” he added. “The seniors here are really getting into it and we’re all having a lot of fun.”

Once produced, the video will be available to the public through several outlets.

“We’ll put it on YouTube, we’ll put it on our website and probably make CDs of it to share it with other senior centers,” Hall said. “I think one of the things we’d like to do is use it for meetings, like the Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours event, those kinds of things. Just to make sure people see what we’re doing down here.”


Posted by Dylan Savela

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