100 Years Ago

Muesum picThe following news items are reprinted from the Manistee Daily News for the week ending June 24, 1916 and are compiled by Teena Kracht from the newspaper archives of the Manistee County Historical Museum. Read more of her 100 Years Ago column at www.manisteenews.com:

“After having served a useful purpose for nearly 20 years, the storm signal station on the summit of Pine
Street hill is to be abandoned, the government having decided that the duplication of warnings from this eminence and from the coast guard station at the harbor entrance is unnecessary.

“Several loads of produce were today again quickly sold at the new city market. Old potatoes are getting scarce and several lots were snapped up at from 80 cents too $1 per bushel. Owing advanced prices outside markets, the price of eggs has taken a two-cent jump.

“J. E. Cody of Bear Lake brought in the largest load that has yet gone on the market. This load, comprising butter, eggs, honey and buttermilk, netted him a trifle over $72. Mr. Cody is a most enthusiastic booster for the city market and between sales was busy talking market to all comers.

“There are plenty of buyers and much more produce of all kinds except pie plant could be sold to advantage.

“There is just as great a likelihood that the Progressives of Manistee County will throw their support to the Democrats, in the event they fail to stand longer as a separate body, as their votes will be delivered to a Republican candidate.

“W. E. Coates of Kaleva, perhaps the county’s most active Progressive, was author of that statement this morning. Personally he has not determined to whom his vote will be given.

“’Really I can see no reason why the Progressives should return to the Republican fold at this time,’ said Mr. Coates this morning. ‘When a group of delegates bolted the Republican convention in 1912 they did so banded for the support of lofty principles aimed at the purification of politics and the betterment of the country. Should these ideals be so soon forgotten?

“’The Progressives also objected to the domineering influence of certain Republicans whose sincerity of motive they had reason to question. But were not these same men back at the convention just finished? Were they not dictators—Barnes, penrose, Smoot and that crowd? To return to the Republican Party now would mean that we “whitewash” and approve those figures and their methods.

“’I was deeply disappointed to learn that Col. Roosevelt was not disposed to run again as a Progressive candidate.

“’I haven’t talked with other Progressives to learn their views and I haven’t fully determined what position I will take, but I can see no reason why we are more obligated to Republicanism than to Democracy.’

“A BOY’S MOTHER has to teach him his prayers, but he can learn to swear without difficulty or assistance.

“JUNE MAY BE the month of weddings, but still more to backyard gardeners it is the month of weedings.

“At a meeting last night of the entertainment committee of the newly organized Alumni association of the Manistee High school final arrangements for the first annual ball were completed. The ball will be held Friday evening in Masonic temple.

“Unanticipated patronage is being shown Manistee’s city market. Today, the third day of the market’s existence, saw an increased number of producers and an increased number of purchasers on the sales lot. Loads were hurriedly disposed of and at prices satisfactory to both the truck gardeners and the local consumers.

“Capacity houses were present at the Lyric Theater last evening for the dedication of the new pipe organ and to enjoy the splendid work of Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne, old film stars. With Wallace Boulanger presiding, the new instrument made a decided hit with the patrons of the theater. Mr. Boulanger, who for eight years was engaged as an organist, is a talented musician and it is believed that his work at the organ will be equally enjoyed as that on the piano.

“The local instrument possesses exceptional tonal qualities and a volume which carries clearly and temptingly to the street outside. The attachment which produces a close representation of the human voice is one of the particular features of the instrument.

“The haunts of the bass and walleyed pike yesterday were the points of attacks by many Manistee county fishermen. The season for these members of the finny tribe opened yesterday and will continue until the last day in February.

“Favored by ideal weather a large number visited the bass lakes. Their attempts, however, were unproductive, it is said.

“SUN REAPPEARED for a while this afternoon. Welcome to our mist.

“WHAT PUZZLES US, though, is how the fool and his money happened to get together in the first place.

“THICK FOG this morning precipitated nearly as much moisture as a good rain.

“Approximately 1,500 pounds of papers and magazines were collected and baled by local Boy Scouts last Saturday. The collection launched the campaign by which the Scouts hope to raise a fund sufficient to furnish their new headquarters in the Winkler block at River and Division streets.

“Chairs, pictures and rugs are particularly needed now to furnish the rooms. The boys would be very grateful for any such donations that might be made. They would also be grateful for receive carpenter tools of all descriptions. It has been proposed that a manual training department be created where the boys may learn to make such equipment as will be needed.

“Ever since the fine musical chimes had been installed in the steeple of Guardian Angel church it had been the express wish of Julius Lidtke, for 40 years trusted caretaker of the Engelmann estate, who died Friday, to have them rung at his funeral.

“Yesterday afternoon his request was granted by Rev. J. M. Steffes, when the pastor played the chimes as services were held over his body, Rev. O. R. Sonneman officiating. Although Mr. Lidtke was a protestant, he had been a long-time friend of Fr. Steffes, who did not hesitate in responding to the deceased’s last wish.

“The Lidtke family has undergone much sorrow, three deaths having occurred in the family in less than eight months.

“WHAT IS SO RARE as a sunny day in June?

“IT’S EASIER TO SAY “Giddap” than to get out and turn a crank. The tires on this buggy never get punctured,’ replied Assessor Chris Jentoft, when asked why he didn’t discard his horse for an auto.

“Just as soon as the new rest room that is to be created in connection with the new municipal market is completed, Manistee will extend to farmers of this and adjoining counties more visible welcome than ever before.

“According to present plans, the rest room will be established in the building adjoining the city market. Here will be places chairs, tables, toilets and wash rooms, telephone, combs, brushed mirrors, towels, etc. Farmers visiting the city will be invited to use these rooms and to make this place their headquarters during their time here.

“It is hoped that the rest room will be opened as soon as ripening fruits and vegetables permit a greater activity at the market.

“BRIGHT SUNSHINE and north wind was the weather blend today. Cheery but chilly.

“GOOSEBERRY CROP promises to be a heavy one this year. Justice August Greve expects to produce 300 bushels of the luscious fruit on his First avenue farm, and already is pointing g with vast pride to green specimens upward of an inch in length.

“Time was no object to the honorable city commissioners last night, and a long, tedious council session was a consequence. Off to a late start, it endured until 10:25 p. m. During the course of the long evening some matters of memento were disposed of having to do principally with water extensions and street improvements. The chief negative achievement was a denial of the Fourth of July homecoming committee’s request for an appropriation of $100 to the fund.

“FIRST DAY OF SUMMER brought with it Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Blacker from their winter home in Pasadena, Cal., glad to be back in Manistee. ‘I think you might have had it a little warmer for us,’ declared Mr. Blacker. ‘But whatever you have here is going to suit us. We’re HOME FOR THE SUMMER.’

“Despite the setback given by the city’s refusal to vote an appropriation for the Fourth of July homecoming festival, plans for the joy function are progressing rapidly and satisfactorily. The soliciting committees have redoubles efforts to raise the required amount to make the affair surpass in splendor that of last year, and civic pride in the undertaking has been stimulated to a pitch which will admit no possibility of defeat.

“Warrants were issued late this afternoon for the arrest of Louis Haefner and J. M. Ramsdell, charged with violating the state automobile license laws. The complaints were made by Chief of Police Grady.

“Haefner and Ramsdell are expected to be arraigned some time tomorrow morning. It is alleged by Chief Grady that both had been driving their automobiles this year without securing a license. Last year’s licenses have been attached to their machines.

“Noticing that they made no effort to comply with the license laws, Chief Grady decided to put an end to the habit of motorists driving their machined either without licenses or using last year’s licenses, by making an example of the two.”

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