TIM JOSEPH: Remember two ‘F’ words when you go vote


Sometimes you just want to cuss when you open your mail. Well, that’s not a good idea – you should set a good example for your kids.

But I do have a suggestion for two F-words to think about when you get another of those fliers attacking Dan Scripps with totally false stuff about water.

The first F-word is fracking. The corporations that are bankrolling Dan’s opponent want to be able to take unlimited amounts of our water, use it, pollute it and move on. They don’t want a smart, committed watch-dog like Dan in the state House.

The second F-word to think about is Flint. These slick fliers and TV ads are brought to you by the same folks who poisoned a hundred thousand people’s water through a complete lack of caring and common sense. They don’t want Dan keeping an eye on them in Lansing either.

So don’t get mad – get out and vote. And remember those two F-words.

Tim Joseph


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