Former WSCC president to address trustees

SCOTTVILLE — Members of the West Shore Community College Board of Trustees may feel like they are taking a step back in time when they meet at 4 p.m. on Monday.8-27CollegeCoursesPhoto2

The reason for their taking a step back in time is they will be hearing a presentation from Dr. John Eaton who was the first president at the college 50 years ago. Monday’s meeting was also moved from the college’s regular meeting date to coincide with the very first meeting date in 1967.

Eaton is expected to talk to the current trustees and administration about that first meeting and the early years of the college.

Another scheduled report that will be given is expected to come on the Michigan Community College Association. Trustee Mike Ennis and WSCC president Dr. Kenneth Urban are expected to update the board on activities from that organization’s meeting the past month.

Each semester the board of trustees honor a WSCC emoloyee as the staff member of the semester. Nominations for this honor come from the Professional Development team. Staff members are evaluated in terms of an employee’s commitment to the college’s vision, mission, and core values and for demonstrating excellence in overall work performance and a helpful attitude toward students or the community.

That award this semester will be going to maintenance technician Jeff Brogan.

Urban is also expected to bring before the board news of a donation to the college from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to the science and chemistry labs. The donation is the form of pipettes, test tubes and glassware.

Board administrative committee members will be bringing to the board a recommendation to approve the general fund expenditures in $927,572 and auxiliary fund expenditures in the amount of $96,997.

Board members will also consider approving the estimated taxes and appropriation for fiscal year 2017-18. The WSCC board of Trustees must take this step every year under Section 141 of the Community College Act of 1966.

Numbers the board will consider approving are as follows:

* Property tax operations: $6,512,695;

* Property tax capital: $2,867,755; and

* State allocation: $2,527,500.

Urban told the board in a memo how those numbers are determined.

“These estimates are based on estimated expenditures, other revenue projections, such as tuition and fees and preliminary estimates of the state allocation and property tax receipts, including personal property tax reimbursements at current millage rates,” said Urban. “These estimates do not restrict the board from adopting different amounts during the budget process.”

The tax appropriations estimate was favorably reviewed at the board administrative committee on March 22.

Twice each year the board of trustees meet off campus in an effort to stay in touch with people from the district. Back in November the board met at the Manistee Intermediate School District and they will take under consideration setting the April meeting for the Mason-Lake Room of the West Shore Educational Service District building.


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