Looking Back for May 20


The Congregational Church is shown in this early 1920s photograph.

The Congregational Church is shown in this early 1920s photograph.

Riverwalk dedication

The Riverwalk will be dedicated at the Chamber of Commerce parking lot in Manistee today at 4 p.m. The new lamps on the nearly completed riverwalk were lit all Wednesday, adding a softness to the surrounding construction and a light at the end of the tunnel after 15 years of work.


Final NHS induction for Ogilvie

Doris Ogilvie, retiring Manistee High School teacher, participated in her final National Honor Society induction this week as 24 students became new members of the society. New members are: Beth Fisher, Gail Sievert, Julie Stone, Kim Adams, Jim Beck, Paul Brastrom, Dan Collins, Sue Kapp, Sally Long, Mikaleen Roskosky, Holly Stone, Sandra Van Liere, Mike Zeller, Karen Alberts, Kirby Briske, Karen Buzzell, Lori Kaczmarek, Sue Lakos, Joanne Michales, Linda Strouf, Robert Swanson, Randall Tomaszewski, Alyson Williams, and Jennifer Zwiefka.


“Harbor Lights”

On Friday evening, “Harbor Lights” beamed on the crowd of 150 young people which had congregated in the MHS gym for the annual Sophomore class dance. Music was by the “Downbeats”, a Cadillac “combo”. Chaperones for the social affair were Mr. and Mrs. Holland Capper and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clohset.

Moonlight Motel to open tomorrow

Manistee’s newest tourist resort facility, the 12-unit “Moonlight Motel” located at 11 Arthur Street and facing Manistee Lake, will open tomorrow with functional rooms that can conveniently serve 50 guests, it was stated by John Bultema and Harless Feagins, co-owners.


Gun “shooing” is uncovered

An exasperated young woman who sought to “shoo” a cow off her property by employing a shotgun was the one Sheriff Michael Martin and state troopers found responsible for the shooting of a cow owned by Edward Johnson, Brethren farmer. The officers found the guilty person was not a hunter out to violate game laws who mistook a cow for a deer, but rather was Mrs. Margaret Siverly, 22, Brethren, who used the gun, not knowing it was loaded with buckshot, she says, to “temper” the cow a little. Restitution for the loss of the cow was promised the owner, officers state.


A number of youngsters are taking advantage of the supervised softball games being played on Fifth Avenue, near Hastings Street, under the direction of Ferris Baker , WPA recreational leader. The games are being played every evening except Saturdays and Sundays.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum


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