KARL AND BARB ROWE: Encourage support of Manistee County Sheriff’s Office


The Manistee News Advocate informs readers with the “Sheriff Blotter.” This show what the Manistee County Sheriff’s Office does when responding to calls 24/7.

Examples include:

• Domestic violence;

• Breaking and entering;

• Larceny, fraud, identity theft;

• Trespassing;

• Possession of drugs;

• Traffic crashes;

• Parole violations;

• Car/deer accidents;

• Suspicious situations;

• Dog bites and dogs running at large;

• Warrant arrests;

• Possible neglect;

• Ordinance violations;

• Embezzlement;

• Unregistered vehicle or expired plates;

• Perform medical assists;

• Child custody disputes;

• Conservation violations;

• Gas drive offs;

• Sexual assault;

• Personal injury accidents;

• Traffic hazards;

• Traffic offenses;

• Personal property damage accidents;

• Dangerous driving;

• Security alarms;

At the risk of their own safety, this is impressive evidence that the Manistee County Sheriff’s Office is making a positive difference in our county. Their main drawback is that there isn’t enough officers.

We citizens and Manistee County Board of Commissioners need to support the budget of our public safety officers.

Karl and Barb Rowe


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