LINCOLN-KEON: Lake Bluff offers chance to connect with nature


Every time my husband and I visit Manistee, it seems to become more like home to us. Doesn’t matter the season, it is simply lovely at any time of day, in any weather. The downtown is full of merchants who treat you like family allowing you to appreciate the characteristics of a small town while giving you many choices and opportunities other small towns do not have.

Lake Michigan is majestic. The Ramsdell Theatre, the Vogue Theatre and many of the Painted Ladies are beloved for their beauty and charm. But the real jewel of Manistee is just out of town a few miles: Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary.

Lake Bluff is a treasure. Not only is it situated on Lake Michigan with bluffs that give a view that can take your breath away, but the property has three Giant Sequoia trees, and is dedicated to preserving nature. Every time we walk this property or meander down to the lake, we see something new.

Lake Bluff is not just a place to view Lake Michigan, but a place to find yourself. Shut off your cell phone; take a walk; listen to the many birds’ voices; find yourself in nature. Across the street from the lake is another walk dedicated to nature. There are different routes you can choose, but don’t be in a hurry to get through them – stop examine – fall in love. That’s what we did.

I can only imagine how my lunch hours would be enhanced if I had the opportunity to pack a lunch each day and spend it out at Lake Bluff. I find Manistee residents most fortunate to be able to go there every day if you choose.

If you have not been there, or have not been in a while, you really should go again. Enjoy the simple and stately treasure that you have in your midst.

L Quinn Lincoln-Keon

St Louis, Mich.

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