Frankfort Film Festival brings the best of the best

FRANKFORT — The Frankfort Film Festival will once again bring award-winning foreign and domestic films to downtown Frankfort for four days of cinema.

The festival takes place from Oct. 19 to 22, with films being played throughout the day at the Garden Theater in downtown Frankfort.

This year, 19 films have been selected, ranging from comedy, romance and drama to documentaries and short films. Many of the films were nominated for or won awards at a number of film festivals, including the Sundance, Cannes and even the Traverse City Film Festival.

During the festival, there will also will be question and answer sessions with filmmakers.

Filmmakers scheduled to make an appearance include Jasmine Rivera, director of the short film “American Profit,” a historical drama about a young Catholic bishop dealing with the aftermath of Detroit’s race riots, and Chuck Irving Beale, director of the short film “AA,” a comedy about an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting gone awry.

For the film lineup and to purchase tickets, visit or call (231) 352-7561.

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