Looking Back for Nov. 13


The fire that destroyed the J.J. Newberry's Store in downtown Manistee in January 1942 is shown in this photograph.

The fire that destroyed the J.J. Newberry’s Store in downtown Manistee in January 1942 is shown in this photograph.

MAPS seeks bond issue

The Manistee Area Public Schools’ Board of Education met on Wednesday night at Madison Elementary. One focus of the meeting was to begin the process of getting a bond issue on the ballot for June 8, 1998. The board needs to meet with the Michigan Department of Treasury, the project architects (for a proposed new building), and their financial consultants by the first part of March of next year.


Seniors to put on play

The senior class off Norman-Dickson high school will present the play, “It’s a Great Life,” on November 13. The farce-comedy play will be held in the grade school gym at 8 p.m. The cast of the play includes: Philip Sturdevant, Sidney Redfield, Bruce Sayer, Barbara Poynter, and Judy Wise.



The books, “Government Ownership of Railways for the United States” and “Railways of Thirty Nations,” two timely and important discussions of railroad management are now at the Board of Commerce and may be borrowed if desired.

Specials at Midway

This Saturday patrons of the Midway Bar at 400 Sibben Street will be able to order the new Saturday Specials of Homemade Pea Soup or Chili Con Carne. The bar also has sandwiches of course, beer and liquor for those who feel so inclined to liven up their meal.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum



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