Looking Back for Nov. 17


The Arcadia High School is shown in this photo from the early 1900s.

The Arcadia High School is shown in this photo from the early 1900s.


Restoration in final stage

As the restoration work on the Ramsdell Theatre lobby nears completion, the Ramsdell Theatre Restoration Project and Manistee Art Institute are seeking contributions to replace the carpet at a cost of $25 per square yard. The lobby, which is being restored in memory of the late long-time Ramsdell enthusiast Anne Wittig, will be completed by December or January.


Dial-A-Ride head named

Donna Hargreaves of Manistee has been appointed Director of Dial-A-Ride effective Nov. 16. Mrs. Hargreaves replaced  Homer Deane who died Nov. 14, 1977.

Prickett knocks down four

In the latter part of October, youngster Jayson Prickett did something that most bowlers have never done, he picked up/knocked down the two farthest pins on both sides of the lane which is called “The Big Four”. This gets him a patch from AJBC, and of course the thoughts of many bowlers who say, “Why couldn’t I do that?”


Warns against air rifle use

Chief of Police Frank Kruse said today that he had received a number of complaints concerning the dangers use of air rifles or BB guns in the city during the past few days. While the youthful marksmen have become excited by the deer season, the police chief warns that they are violating a city ordinance by shooting air rifles within the city limits.


Children of Manistee will have a chance to see Santa Claus in persons on Dec. 10, when he will arrive in town with his reindeer, dog team and a troupe of Wild West cowboys and cowgirls on ponies, who will stage a day’s program consisting of acts to be climaxed by a parade at 4:30.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum


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