WSCC trustees prove grass isn’t always greener on other side

There are many occasions in life where the best things are located right in our own backyard.

Far to often in today’s global world people wrongly feel that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. So instead of looking for good people that are already working in an organization for a promotion they look elsewhere.

Sometimes a fresh approach is needed and brings a new perspective, but by the same token there is another old saying that comes to mind which is, “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.”

That was one of the main reasons I was happy to see the West Shore Community College Board of Trustees look into its own backyard on Monday to name Scott Ward as only the fifth president in the college’s 50 plus years of existence. It was an excellent move and if there is anyone who deserves and has earned that position it is Scott.

Over the years through my coverage of the college, it has given me the opportunity to get to know Scott and what he brings to the table. What impresses me about him and what will make him a great president is his ability to bring people together to work for a common goal.

There  have been numerous occasions during the 15 months that he served as interim president and in the nine years he served as vice president of administrative services where I have witnessed first hand Scott using the word “we” when talking about a certain project. There also isn’t a time in my recollection where he used the phrase “I did this.”

That, my friends, is three things — a leader, a team player and a person who can bring people together.

It’s no secret that at the present time there are some factions at West Shore Community College pulling in opposite directions. That is why it is more important than ever to have someone in place who can re-unite the campus and once again focus on the bigger picture —  student success.

Scott is a person who can get that job done.

It’s no secret either that in his tenure as interim president on two occasions it gave him an opportunity to show what he can do in that position. That alone is priceless because when you bring that person in from the other side of the fence, despite the interview process, it is still an unknown commodity that is stepping into that position.

A lot of people have plenty of savvy when taking part in the interview process and are able to pull off the “wow” factor to those doing the interviewing. However, the shiniest and fanciest car isn’t always the most reliable and hardest working one on the car lot. What’s more is they often come with lots of problems.

However, that isn’t the case in this instance. The board of trustees at WSCC not only have taken Ward for a test drive during his two interim president positions, they have kicked the tires in terms of knowing what he can do.

But what impresses me most about what Scott Ward will bring to West Shore Comunity College instantly is what I like to refer as the “passion factor.” What that translates to is Scott already loves WSCC and is totally dedicated to seeing the college reach its maximum potential.

The guy on the other side of the fence doesn’t have that passion coming in to a new place and in many instances they are “just doing a job.”

WSCC has always been a special place that carries a special meaning in the hearts of many of us who are alumni of that great institution, and the move the college board made on Monday was a step that will keep the college moving forward long after I…see you next Wednesday.



Posted by Ken Grabowski

Ken is News Advocate’s education reporter. He coordinates coverage for all Manistee County schools and West Shore Community College. He can be reached by phone at (231) 398-3125 or by email at

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