REBECCA KLINE: Variety Store bricks came from local source


I feel sorry to see another historic building demolished. I’m referring to the Variety Store in Bear Lake.

I understand that it had become a danger to the community and needs to come down.

A little history on the orange bricks that it was built with. They came from the William Henry Kline farm on Eight Mile Road in Onekama.

The bricks were all handmade and fired in a wood-burning kiln, just north of the family home (which is built of the same brick and still in very good shape). These bricks show up in the Blue Slipper, Masonic building and several houses in Onekama. They were shipped to Chicago and Wisconsin also.

The Kline homestead is 152 years old. The brick part was built in 1907 and consists of three layers of brick in the basement, two layers on the main floor and one layer in the second floor and attic. If you look at the house, you will realize how many bricks it took.

The home is  now owned by John F. Kline, the great-great-grandson of William Henry.

Rebecca Kline


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