Onekama board gives Hughes effective evaluation

ONEKAMA — The Onekama Consolidated Schools Board of Education emerged from a closed session at Monday’s meeting to announce that superintendent Kevin Hughes had received an effective evaluation for the past year.

Onekama Consolidated Schools superintendent Kevin Hughes (far left) gives the board of education an update at their recent board meeting.

Onekama Consolidated Schools superintendent Kevin Hughes (far left) gives the board of education an update at their recent board meeting.

Hughes was rated at 87.25 percent in the evaluation for this cycle.

Next year the board will be switching over to the Michigan Association of School Boards superintendent evaluation tool for the next segment and dropping the School Advance evaluation. Board members will get training on the new system in the near future.

An update was also given to the board on the building process for the improvements they will be making next spring to the roof and heating systems.

“We will go out for bids in January for the roof, boilers, heating system and the heated stairs that come to the school from the parking lot,” said Hughes. “All the plans are to be sent to the state to be reviewed and we will have bids out in January and construction is supposed to begin on June 11 after the kids leave for the summer. It is going to be a busy summer here with construction.”

Board members were also given an update from Manistee Intermediate School District General Education director Kay Salyer and general education consultant Kim Rinehart on activities they are working on within the district. Salyer works in a variety of capacities with the district and reported to the board on the services that they provide to the Onekama district.

Discussion also centered around a request to add competitive cheer and middle school softball as school sanctioned sports. Hughes told the board that he didn’t feel the finances were available at this time for adding any sports.

“Just maintaining the sports we presently have is difficult,” said Hughes. “We do have sideline cheerleading for football and basketball and club softball for the middle school right now, but they are just not school sanctioned.

Rinehart reported to the board on the new science standards that all school districts in the state are moving to at this time.

Board members were also reminded about the countywide board meeting that will be taking place on January 30 at the Manistee Intermediate School District and the topic of discussion will focus around school equity.

Mary Kerwin of the MASB gave the board a presentation last month on customer service and the board held a discussion Monday evening about her presentation.

Board members also approved a resolution opposing Senate Bills 584-586 and 366 regarding concealed carry weapons in school.

Hughes explained the implications of the bill to the board.

“Down in Lansing right now they have a bill going where people just doing an extra amount of coursework so they can bring a gun into school zones,” said Hughes.

Hughes said the focal point of the resolution they were asking the board to pass was “Whereas the board of education of Onekama Schools believe the only people who should have guns on school property should be uniformed public safety officers.”

“This resolution came from the Michigan Association of School Boards,” explained Hughes.

The board approved the resolution and sent it to State Rep. Curt VanderWall and State Sen. Darwin Booher and Gov. Rick Snyder that they oppose being able to to carry on school property.

“I was at a superintendent’s conference a few weeks ago and they did a straw poll and even gun carrying superintendents, or people passionate about weapons, don’t feel they belong in schools,” said Hughes.

The next scheduled board meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Jan. 8 in the school media center. In that meeting the board will be interviewing prospective candidates to fill the open board seat and will hopefully fill that position.



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