NORMA STEWART: Contact your congressman about tax bill before it’s too late


Late on Friday, Republicans revealed the final version of their massive, carelessly written, tax overhaul. The U. S. House is scheduled to vote on this consequential bill this Tuesday, before the ink is dry. The process is being rushed because this unpopular, reckless legislation would never survive public scrutiny. This indefensible bill raises the deficit and is a pretext for cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. It is legislation created of, by and for the donor class.

Tax benefits for multi-national corporations and ultra-wealthy families, like the Trumps, are permanent. Small tax cuts that ordinary Americans receive now will be phased out. Middle and low income households will be fleeced again when payment for the $1.5 trillion added to the deficit comes due.

Republicans could have guaranteed that the middle class would benefit from multi-national corporate tax cuts by making the cuts contingent on American job creation, wage increases, skills training etc. Instead, more of nation’s wealth is being redistributed the rich and powerful with no strings attached.

Call Rep. Jack Bergman (202-225-4735) and ask him to vote against this harmful tax bill.

If you don’t take a minute to call, your silence gives tacit approval for the transfer of your hard earned money to the top 1 percent. Your silence is, in effect, is a political action. It is the collective silence of Americans that, too often, cedes power to those who brazenly control our government with their vast wealth.

In a flourishing democracy, this legislation that is so strongly rejected by the vast majority of Americans could never be passed. Contact Bergman, not just to protect your own financial interests, but to help restore democratic self-rule to our beloved country.

Norma Stewart

Filer Township

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